How to sing like Jonas Kaufmann

Jonas Kaufmann is one of the most famous and successful tenors of recent years. He has a versatile and beautiful voice and is one of the hottest properties of the opera world at the moment. But he was not without his struggles, and his struggles and how he came through them could be really interesting for other singers.
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Does mindfulness help preparation?

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular, and I use it on a daily basis. Recently I used it in a workshop to help people prepare for a performance. One of the participants challenged me on this as they felt that it distracted them from properly preparing for their performance. This made me think….. more “Does mindfulness help preparation?”

Mirror Neurons

For me, some of the most interesting things I have discovered in my work with performers are around the neurobiology and what, physically, can go on for us and our audience during performance. How our state of mind can directly impact our audience. So I thought we could start there, with something called Mirror Neurons.
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Patterns & Payoffs – Keys to Making Progress

Why do we keep doing things that don’t work for us? Why do we return to old habits that don’t serve us? All of us do things that we wish we didn’t; whether it’s picking bad partners, not preparing for a job early or thoroughly enough, or repeatedly buying that chocolate bar on the way home from work.
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3 simple ways you can change the way you talk
and improve your life

We spend a lot of time thinking about what we say to others and, definitely, about what they say to us. How much time do we spend thinking about how we talk to ourselves and does it matter? I have discovered three simple ways that you can change the way you talk to yourself and improve the way you live your life.
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and improve your life”

What role does joy play in a good performance?

A lot of performers are lucky enough to have been able to spend their lives doing something they love, something they feel passionate about. But in the push and pull of daily life, the struggle for success, staying connected to the joy can be difficult.
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Why are we always trying to be perfect?

Why are we always trying to be ‘perfect’, what impact does this have on our lives and our performances, and is perfection really a goal that helps us?
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Does worry help us as performers?

Does the thought of going on stage excite you? Does it strike fear to your very soul, or is it a combination of the two that you feel? Performers often have mixed emotions and can worry a surprising amount about performing, but does our worrying help us?
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How to stand out as a performer…..for the right reasons!

Not everyone who puts themselves out there in public is an extrovert. In fact some of us are full blown introverts. However, we all have one thing in common, when we stand out from the crowd we want it to be for the right reasons. We want to shine with our brilliance, not draw attention because of our inadequacies! more “How to stand out as a performer…..for the right reasons!”

Shame and Culture – What we can learn

My fascination with shame and how it affects our performance continues! Reading an intriguing bit of research on how cultural differences in our responses to shame can affect how we perform, and how successful we are, has made me think about how we so often cut ourselves off from others when we feel ashamed, and how this impacts on what we achieve. more “Shame and Culture – What we can learn”