Perfect Performances vs Brilliant Performances

So many of my clients have an interesting relationship with perfection. Perhaps that is why I am drawn to work with them – because my relationship with perfection has been turbulent to say the least over the years! I got thinking about why it is I prioritise perfection over excellence sometimes (and this might be just my issue!) Here is my analysis on Perfect Performances vs Brilliant Performances.

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Do you make this mistake when practising?

Practising is something I have always found hard, and often found myself avoiding or putting off. It wasn’t until recently I discovered the reason why.

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How to stop procrastinating!

How to stop procrastinating is something I have been struggling with for many years, and it is only very recently that I have cracked it (well almost). So here are my tips for overcoming chronic procrastination.

– Heads up, this recording does not have great sound quality (it is on my list to get a proper microphone) but as I have been putting this one off(!) I am putting it out there as it is.

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What to do when things go wrong…..

What to do when things go wrong can be a struggle for many performers, and not just when it goes obviously wrong. It can be a struggle just when we think we are getting a bad reaction from the audience, or we have made a small mistake. In this video I look at a simple shift in perspective that can help hugely with this.

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Getting in the right headspace for a performance…..

Getting in the right headspace for a performance can be one of the hardest things for a performer to do. This video looks at three simple things you can do to help you be the best you in a performance.

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How to Remember Words!

How to remember words is one of the most common practical problems that is mentioned to me in my workshops. So what gets in the way of us remembering, what is the best way to remember, and how can this help us in other ways? This video looks at all three of these aspects.

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Producing the Perfect Performance

Producing the perfect performance is the aim of most performers. But what is the perfect performance and what does the search for it achieve?

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How to sing like Jonas Kaufmann

Jonas Kaufmann is one of the most famous and successful tenors of recent years. He has a versatile and beautiful voice and is one of the hottest properties of the opera world at the moment. But he was not without his struggles, and his struggles and how he came through them could be really interesting for other singers.
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Does mindfulness help preparation?

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular, and I use it on a daily basis. Recently I used it in a workshop to help people prepare for a performance. One of the participants challenged me on this as they felt that it distracted them from properly preparing for their performance. This made me think….. more “Does mindfulness help preparation?”

Mirror Neurons

For me, some of the most interesting things I have discovered in my work with performers are around the neurobiology and what, physically, can go on for us and our audience during performance. How our state of mind can directly impact our audience. So I thought we could start there, with something called Mirror Neurons.
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