Business & Legal Professionals

With my experience as a barrister I understand the pressures of those in the public eye from the inside out, and know that we can achieve so much more if we feel as confident on the inside as we present on the outside.

Professionals as Performers

Lawyers, other professionals, and business leaders, are so often performers, their performances directly, and can significantly, affect the lives of the people they serve or lead, and can be to a critical audience. To do our job there is pressure to appear confident and totally secure in our knowledge and opinions. Positive feedback for professionals can be rare, criticism, especially for lawyers, is often a necessary part.

The Public Persona

The desire and pressure to portray a strong and confident, intellectual and robust image is a constant. Yet to be effective in any profession there is also a need to be aware of weaknesses, in our strategy, our argument, or our position. In high achievers this can often lead to a high level of self criticism, and self doubt. Therefore there can be a gap between how we present ourselves and how we actually feel.

Bridging the Gap

In my work I help people change their perspective on themselves, others and their work, to enable them to feel as calm and confident as they present themselves. Combining my experience as a lawyer and a performer,  I work with people to understand the pressures that they put on themselves, and how they can be more assured in who they are and what they want from life to achieve a potential far greater than they even realise they have.

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