Singers & Performers

Would you like to achieve a clarity and focus in your performance? I help singers and other performers unlock their true potential by enabling them to rediscover freedom and authenticity in performance….and in life.

Who are we as performers?

As a singer I can understand that invest so much in our voice, and crave those times where we perform naturally and with freedom. Singers are unique amongst musicians in that we are our instrument, and this can make us particularly affected by criticism. In the work I do I help singers understand how their thoughts and beliefs affect the way they sing. I help them to free up their thoughts and voices to focus on the music and truly move their audience. I have found that the key to unlocking our voices is about understanding the pressures we put on ourselves, and that this can also be the key to being happy with ourselves in many other aspects of life.

How do we connect with our audience?

In performance, in order to truly connect with the piece and the audience, we have to reveal elements of who we truly are, and connect with our emotions. Many things can get in the way of this and often we are uncomfortable with revealing too much about ourselves as it makes us feel vulnerable. The most moving performances, the ones we truly remember, are those that have authenticity of emotion.

This is not just true for singers, but for all performers; there is a conflict between the powerful affect true emotion can have on an audience, and the natural desire we have to hide our vulnerabilities. In my work I help performers take a new perspective or their craft and open up fresh possibilities for really engaging an audience.

What does our voice say about us?

My view is that our voice can be a barometer that can show up how we are as people. If we have a crisis with our voice, often this is an indicator of something that is going on in our lives. If we start to hold and try to control our voice it may be that we are feeling out of control either in our lives or with our voices.

What I do

I work with people to try and understand what in their life might be blocking them from expressing their true voice and/or performance so that they might be able to connect with their audience with genuine emotion and freedom. This starts with how we view and treat ourselves both as performers and as people. Download my PDF course for an insight into how changing how you treat yourself can change what you achieve in life.

Lifting the SMOG


In addition to my individual coaching and online workshops, I run a number of face to face workshops (mostly in London, where most of my clients are based) based on various topics.

Sometimes these workshops involve singing teachers, accompanists and other professionals doing complimentary work. The prices of these vary depending on the content and length. Please see my workshops page for more details.

For more information about workshops and coaching please sign up to my mailing list. If you would like to know more about the way that I work, and find out if working with me will help you find your true voice get in touch for a free Backstage Review.

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