The Courageous Business Performer

Are you a business person or professional who knows that you could achieve so much more if you felt as confident on the inside as you present on the outside, or perhaps you someone who knows that there’s you have something amazing to give, but you struggle to put yourself out there and show your best self when it counts?

I work with people who all perform in front of one form of audience or another, but they find that they are repeatedly not producing their best when it counts – in fact the harder they try, the worse it seems to get.

They want to to unlock the true talent and ability they have, free the voice they know they have to reach and engage their audiences more effectively. They know that if they do, they will be so much more effective at getting their message out there, that they will have the confidence to be truly comfortable putting themselves out there, and as a result they will achieve the success they know they are capable of.

If this is you, then The Courageous Business Performer Programme is perfect for you……

The Courageous Business Performer Programme

This three month programme is designed to change not only how others perceive you, but also how you perceive yourself, to allow you to find your authentic self and feel comfortable presenting it to the world so you can achieve all that you want.
With my help you can:
Build confidence in your ability
Recapture your joy and passion for your life and business
Connect with and engage your audience and clients on a totally different level


The nuts and bolts
12 weekly 1 hour sessions
2 follow up sessions of an hour
Unlimited email and text support


Cost of the Programme: £1500

If you are interested then book a Free Backstage Review.
In this no obligation consultation we will look at what is going on for you that is holding you back,
and whether the work I do can help you realise your potential in your work and in your life

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What people say about working with Hattie

“If you are undecided, don’t be – Hattie might just change your life.”

– Rebecca Olsen

“I was thrilled when I found out I would be working with Hattie on The Captivating Performer Course. I knew that it was the right time for me to face a lot of the fears I had around performing and facing up to my barriers. And this is exactly what happened. I started the course with an open mind, and each weekly module addressed a different area which gave me plenty to go away and think about. The course allowed me to think about previous fears in a different way, and how i would approach things in the future. The weekly homework helped me to change my thought patterns and connecting with others in the group and sharing of experiences helped with further understanding. Towards the end of the course i had a gig after months of not performing, and i felt so calm on the night whereas usually I would be a bag of nerves. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand and learn techniques in making themselves a better performer.”

– Heather Brown

“I would recommend working with Hattie because it is so much more than just enhancing your performance abilities, it enhances your life abilities.

Everyone can benefit from The Courageous Performer Programme, not just people who want to improve their performance skills – each week I learnt something new about myself and that is worth it’s weight in gold.”

– Rebecca Leggett

“Thanks so much for helping me gain such insight to my way of thinking / behaviour / habits. What a fascinating and brilliantly put together programme of Modules. I have learned so much from you and feel very grateful. It has helped me in ways that I did not think possible.”

– Rachel Young

“If anybody is thinking about doing The Courageous Performer Programme with Hattie, I’d strongly recommend they do it. The experience was so much more than I was expecting.

I was quite uncertain it would be for me. I felt afraid by the idea of opening up and thought that I was too ‘practical’ a person to be able to identify with the process, but these fears were entirely unwarranted. I truly believe that the process will continue to help me develop into the future.”
– Melissa

“I wanted to thank you. I’ve been singing with true joy today (instead of working!) and thought about finding my inner gold – and I thought I should also search my voice inside. And the result was incredible. I didn’t imagine that literally this could free my voice so quickly! I had this feeling of opening up and lightness.”

– Evelyne

“Hattie’s experience as a coach also showed in her ability to create a sympathetic group environment where everyone could raise specific personal issues from memorisation to stage anxiety.

I would strongly recommend Hattie and the work she’s doing to any singer wanting to learn more about themselves, their repertoire and the act of singing in general.”

– Luke Hewitt