The Courageous Performer

Are you someone who is constantly second guessing yourself, and your performances? Is your self-doubt and self-criticism getting in the way of you becoming the performer you know you could be?

The people I work with all perform in front of one form of audience or another. Whoever their audience, my clients often have one thing in common, they beat themselves up. They analyse, they tell themselves what they should or shouldn’t do or have done, what they must stop doing or do better; and then they find their heads have become so full of these instructions and criticisms that there is no space or though left for enjoyment of what they are doing. They find that they are repeatedly not producing their best when it counts – in fact the harder they try, the worse it seems to get.

Why beat yourself up….?

Why do they do this? Without fail they do this so that they can become the best they can, and they see this as the way to achieve it. I had a client once who said that she worried that if she didn’t worry, she wouldn’t be as good or achieve as much! But the truth is the opposite happens, for all sorts of physical and psychological reasons worry actually prevents us from performing at our best, and worst of all, it affects how our audiences feel. So what is the solution?


Improve, and enjoy what you do at the same time…..

Clearly working out how to be better, and striving to be so, is a good thing. The question is how do you do this without running yourself into the ground?
My Courageous Performer Programme is about getting the best from yourself, without beating yourself up. Working with me, I will give you tools to change your perspective on what you do and how you do it, allowing you to much achieve more, and do so with less wasted effort and a great deal more joy. Many of us know that feeling when the performance feel effortless, The Courageous Performer Programme is designed to help you look at things differently, so that the whole process around what you do can feel that way. So you can get back to the voice you know you have – So you can release your true voice.

The Courageous Performer Programme

This three month programme is designed to change not only how you perform but also how you perceive yourself as a performer, to remove your self-doubt and self-criticism, replace it with more effect ways of improving, and allow you to truly captivate your audiences.
With my help you can:
Build confidence in your ability
Recapture your joy and passion for performing
Connect with and engage your audience on a totally different level


The nuts and bolts
12 weekly 1 hour sessions
2 follow up sessions of an hour
Unlimited email and text support


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In this no obligation consultation we will look at what is going on for you as a performer,
and whether the work I do can help you realise your potential

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