The urge to put yourself out there can be a powerful one – but it can be a blessing and a curse, because when you do, you want to be the best you can be. You want to demonstrate your real talent, and capture your audience so they come away having experienced something truly special. This can be hard to do sometimes, in fact the more important the audience, the more difficult it can be.

💫 Do you know you have the talent, the voice, but somehow the harder you try to show it, the further away it seems to get, and the more frustrated you feel?

💫 Does it feels like you have tried everything to be the truly amazing artist you just know you can be, and yet somehow your real ability to perform seems to be just out of reach?

💫 Do you want the real you to shine through, but something always seems to get in the way?

……then I can show you a way to unlock your potential, find your true voice, and really captivate your audience.
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“I have learned so much from you
and feel very grateful.
It has helped me in ways that
I did not think possible.”
– Rachel Young

“I would recommend working with Hattie because it is so much more than just enhancing your performance abilities,
it enhances your life abilities”
– Rebecca Leggett

“If you are undecided, don’t be – Hattie might just change your life.”
– Rebecca Olsen

“Where’s the F in work?”

Do you find yourself weighed down by boring or difficult tasks? Could you benefit from a more confident approach to the more challenging aspects of your job? Would you like to enjoy your work more?

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“For me hugely important is you get real outcomes that you can implement in your day to day life. It’s not just talking through issues with Hattie, but she gives you ideas and routines to put in place that help.”
– Shane Preston


Being a better performer…

If I were to be asked the most impactful change I have made to my performing in recent years, it would have to be the technique I set out in this Lifting the SMOG workbook.

This simple technique has helped make me happier, way more productive, and more assured as a performer than I thought possible – and it has the same effect for my clients.

Download it for free and see what it can help you achieve….

find your true voice


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5 Steps to Producing Your Best Performance

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The Joy of Being a Fearless Performer

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Where's the F in Work?

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