Hi, I’m Hattie and my passion is freeing performers to release the amazing voice they have within, so that they can give the performance of their life, when it counts
– not just once but again and again!

When I was a child I had the sort of voice that would silence an audience, I was a small, unassuming girl with the voice of a diva! It was the one thing I knew I could do well….that was until I couldn’t. In my late teens I found I could not longer produce the same, effortless beautiful voice. Broken hearted and frustrated, I gave up singing for what seemed like a lifetime, all the while knowing that there was a part of me missing. When I returned to singing in my mid-thirties I had a fabulous singing teacher and with her help I began to see glimpses of the voice I had had again, but no matter how hard I worked I kept struggling to find my true voice, the one I knew was in there. Eventually I realised, it wasn’t my voice that was letting me down, it was something else. Once I identified what it was, I was able to release my voice and uncover the authentic performer within me.

Over my life I have had the chance to watch literally hundreds of singers perform, and I have realised that when they perform I can see their hopes and their fears, their worries and their joys about themselves as performers as clear as day; and when they truly commit, you can see their souls. This is what captivates an audience.

It has become my mission to help performers captivate their audiences by freeing them to give a truly authentic performance, so they can perform at their very best, and engage audiences like never before.

If, like me, you know that you have a voice that is aching to get out and you would like to transform the way you perform, book a free Backstage Review to discover what is holding you back and how you can finally find your true voice.

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How did I get here……..the other pieces

I’ve always been interested in the way people think and unpicking their motives and drivers. At Uni I studied Philosophy, focussing on Theory of Knowledge, which I adored, and I then I spent a number of years in the corporate world before retraining as a barrister. During my successful 10 year career as a family law barrister I became increasingly fascinatedwith the way people think under pressure, the games they play with themselves and the masks they feel they have to put on to succeed. Not only the clients I worked for but the other Barristers and Solicitors that I worked with. I also noticed the way that I felt I had to be something other than who I really was in order to succeed.

At the same time I was developing another role as a Mum to a family of beautiful boys. I have three aged 5 – 12 years old. Nurturing a family to try and help them be happy and fulfilled gave me another insight and perspective on how mindset and the language we use with others and ourselves influences how we live our lives, who we present ourselves to the world as, and what we get from life.

In 2010 I faced my biggest challenge yet when I was diagnosed with PoTS, a rare autonomic illness that prevented me working as a barrister any more. Little did I realise at the time, that this was the final piece in my jigsaw to becoming me. As I retrained to become a life coach I discovered the power of authenticity, how we can strip away all pretences and masks to engage honestly with our audiences in a way that engages them on a different level.

I have always been a driven and passionate person and now I bring all my life experiences to my one true passion –

Helping performers release their full potential so that the world can hear the amazing voices they truly have.