Anxiety and Singing

My last blog was on Dealing with Anxiety, following that I did a series of live videos on Facebook for my group The Fearless Performer expanding on that topic.

I thought I would upload the videos here for you all to see. I cover each of the three tips covered in the blog, looking in detail at anxiety and singing, and how we can deal with it effectively.

The more you explore the concept of connecting with these three vital elements of performing, the more you will get from your performing, and the more you audience will get too. They are the fundamentals.

Video 1: The Role of Nerves & Anxiety in Performing

This video covers how nerves & anxiety can affect you in performing, because they can affect us in so many different ways.


Video 2: Step 1 – Connecting with Your Material

This video covers the first of my tips. Connecting with your material. We all remember the teachers that inspired us at school, they were the ones that were passionate about their subject. Sometimes it can feel really difficult to do, but finding something to love in what we do not only helps us perform with passion, it also distracts us from our nerves, and we are so much more likely to remember what to sing or say if we feel really strongly about it. Watch to find out more.


Video 3: Step 2 – Connecting with Your Audience

The second of my tips is about connecting with your audience. So often we view the audience as a judgmental mass, we feel the need to put on armour when we go on stage, this can be to pretend to be really confident (fake it till you make it – which can work sometimes), try to be small, or simply feel the need to run and hide! However, the audience doesn’t see us the way we see ourselves, when we can understand more about this it can transform the way we feel…


Video 4: Connecting with Yourself

The third and final one of my tips is connecting with yourself. Sometimes we can fear that our nerves might take over if we start to acknowledge them, that we may be overwhelmed. Is this true? We can also bully ourselves and tell ourselves to pull our socks off. Does this achieve what we want it to, and would we ever treat our friends, and certainly not a child. What happens when we choose to connect with ourselves and what do I mean by that? Watch to find out more.


Have fun putting these in practice and see your nerves melt, you may not even notice they have subsided until you finish performing.


p.s. The Fearless Performer is a facebook group in which I explore how to be more comfortable and confident on stage, and what this can achieve for you. It is a forum where supportive group of singers and performer are able to talk and explore their challenges. I cover a different topic each week, post interesting articles and give you space to explore issues safely.