How to learn a song without using repetition?

There are so many memory tips and tricks out there used to help people remember the words for a song and they almost all forget what I think is the most important ingredient.

That is your best method at the moment?

In this video I lay out my strategy for learning a song designed to help you learn without endless repetition, and to enable you to learn the song in a way that helps you really connect with the audience and deliver it in a captivating way.

When you manage to have a song really in your soul, you sing it in a completely different way, and what the audience hears is something on a different level.

Watch the video to find out more…..

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How your toes can help you sing!

When we sing we can really get caught up in our heads.

Are you an overthinker? If you are then you are very like me because this is a problem I have struggled with all my life.

Another way you might be like me could be that you use your brain to solve your problems, and it’s done a pretty good job over the years.

The trouble is, these two don’t really work together. You can see that the solution to overthinking can’t really be to think more….but that’s often what we try to do.

There is a different way…..

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Can I get rid of my nerves when singing?

Sometimes we can think that we can’t change our reactions when we perform. That nerves and anxiety are just part of the process, but is this true? Can you get rid of you nerves when singing?

In this video I challenge this perspective and show you a different perspective.

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Fear helps you perform – Is that true?

A lot of singers believe that fear can give them an edge, and can help drive them forward to achieve everything they want. But is this true?

In this video I show you why I believe this isn’t true and how you can exchange fear for something more effective and enjoyable.

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Can I really change how I feel when I perform?

How often do you feel stuck in a pattern of thinking that seems to hold you back, going round that same circle and ending up thinking the same thoughts and making the same mistakes? It can feel like it’s impossible to change. Clients come to me believing that this is just the way they are, that it’s in their very nature to make these same mistakes, that this pattern of thinking and behaving is in their DNA.

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How do I know if I’m good enough?

How do we know if we are ok to be on the stage we are, that we will do a good enough job. For years I lived with a belief that held me back and I have just realised that that belief has changed, and I am now free to be who I really am on and off stage…..

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Do you want to be better than you are?

Do you spend your life trying to be better than you are at the moment? Do you believe you are good enough as you are?

There is a huge difference between being good enough as a person and singing as well as you would like, but what I’ve noticed with so many singers (including myself) is that we can muddle the two.

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Performing with an invisible audience

In this new way of living since Covid restricted so much of our lives, everything has suddenly moved online. This can be brilliant in some ways, as we are not longer having to travel, but it can pose huge problems. In this video I talk about how you can face the difficulties and make the most of the advantages of performing online.

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How good a performer are you?

Often as performers, and just as humans, we can spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to others. How do you know how good a performer you are? How much does it matter to you? Is this something that’s useful to work out, or does it cause more harm than good?

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Change your emotions around performing

How much do your emotions affect how you perform?

Even when you realise that your emotions about yourself, your performance and your audience all impact how you perform, it can still feel impossible to change them.

So how can you change your emotions around performing?

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