Anxiety and Singing

My last blog was on Dealing with Anxiety, following that I did a series of live videos on Facebook for my group The Fearless Performer expanding on that topic.

I thought I would upload the videos here for you all to see. I cover each of the three tips covered in the blog, looking in detail at anxiety and singing, and how we can deal with it effectively.

The more you explore the concept of connecting with these three vital elements of performing, the more you will get from your performing, and the more you audience will get too. They are the fundamentals.

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How to Really Connect with Your Audience

How do we truly engage an audience? Is there a secret? This blog is all about the key to really connecting with your audience, in a way that makes them want to stop and listen to you, and go away remembering you for all the right reasons!

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Neuroplasticity and the Art of Improving Your Performance

What is the best way to learn, neurobiologically speaking? How can we make the most of research into neuroplasticity in order to improve our performances? In this blog I cover the best thing to do to improve what you do.

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How to sing like Jonas Kaufmann

Jonas Kaufmann is one of the most famous and successful tenors of recent years. He has a versatile and beautiful voice and is one of the hottest properties of the opera world at the moment. But he was not without his struggles, and his struggles and how he came through them could be really interesting for other singers.
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Does mindfulness help preparation?

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular, and I use it on a daily basis. Recently I used it in a workshop to help people prepare for a performance. One of the participants challenged me on this as they felt that it distracted them from properly preparing for their performance. This made me think….. more “Does mindfulness help preparation?”

What role does joy play in a good performance?

A lot of performers are lucky enough to have been able to spend their lives doing something they love, something they feel passionate about. But in the push and pull of daily life, the struggle for success, staying connected to the joy can be difficult.
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Does worry help us as performers?

Does the thought of going on stage excite you? Does it strike fear to your very soul, or is it a combination of the two that you feel? Performers often have mixed emotions and can worry a surprising amount about performing, but does our worrying help us?
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How to stand out as a performer…..for the right reasons!

Not everyone who puts themselves out there in public is an extrovert. In fact some of us are full blown introverts. However, we all have one thing in common, when we stand out from the crowd we want it to be for the right reasons. We want to shine with our brilliance, not draw attention because of our inadequacies! more “How to stand out as a performer…..for the right reasons!”