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Presenting to others has become an important part of business life, whether it is networking, training, talking with customers, or giving speeches, we are all performers at some point in our business lives. The  best presentations are the ones that reward both you and the people listening. This half day workshop is designed to teach you how to do just that, so both you and your audience go away feeling good.

Whatever your presentation this workshop lays out the 6 steps to making it interesting and engaging.

  • Are you someone who would like to present better, to be more effective at getting your message across?
  • Would like to be more comfortable and natural in your presentations?
  • If you haven't presented before do you find the whole thing too daunting?
  • If you are a great presenter do you feel you could be even better?
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If you would like to create and deliver more rewarding and impactful presentations, that really captivate your audience, then this workshop will help you achieve just that.

This workshop takes a different approach to presentation. Combining my experience as a barrister and my work with performers I will teach you what is and isn't important in a presentation, and how to get the most from opportunities to present.

By the end of the workshop you will:

✨ Have the tools to create a presentation that is rewarding for both you and your audience.

✨ Understand the key steps to producing a performance that is focused, fun, and informative

✨ Know how to get your message across in a way that that will engage the audience

✨ Understand the most important element of a successful presentation

✨ Feel more confident in yourself!

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For more information email me at 

The elements we will cover:

1. Your goals - What you want to achieve from the presentation.

2. Where do you start? - Knowing the best place to start for you.

3. Engaging your audience - The most effective way to engage your audience and have them listen to you.

4. Making it rewarding - How to get the most from your presentation

5. What is the point? - Focusing in on the key elements of your presentation.

6. The key - The most important element of any presentation (you will have to come along to get a hint of what this is!)


The nuts & bolts

What -  A half day workshop

Where - Quay Place, Key Street , Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1BZ

When - New dates to be announced soon - email to hear more


Cost of the workshop: £95

For more information email me at 
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"Hattie's workshop made me see a presentation from my audience’s perspective for the first time. Rather than focusing on my reluctance to do a presentation and the insecurities that come with it, she demonstrated benefits of relaxing and communicating on a level that breaks down barriers between you and your audience and in turn encourages engagement from both sides. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually looking forward to my next presentation now!"

- Florence Irving, EP Marketing Ltd

What people say about working with Hattie

"Thanks so much for helping me gain such insight to my way of thinking / behaviour / habits. What a fascinating and brilliantly put together programme of Modules. I have learned so much from you and feel very grateful. It has helped me in ways that I did not think possible."

- Rachel Young

"I would recommend working with Hattie because it is so much more than just enhancing your performance abilities, it enhances your life abilities.”

- Rebecca Leggett

"I would recommend working with Hattie because it is so much more than just enhancing your performance abilities, it enhances your life abilities."

– Rebecca Leggett

"If you are undecided, don’t be – Hattie might just change your life.”

- Rebecca Olsen

Hattie’s courses are run with great love, as well as with great expertise, enthusiasm and efficiency

- Vivienne

"I was thrilled when I found out I would be working with Hattie on The Captivating Performer Course. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand and learn techniques in making themselves a better performer."

- Heather Brown

"Hattie’s experience as a coach also showed in her ability to create a sympathetic group environment where everyone could raise specific personal issues from memorisation to stage anxiety."

- Luke Hewitt


Useful practical information....

The room is at Quay Place on the docks in Ipswich. There are lots of great places to have lunch and snacks nearby.

Car Parking
There are plenty of car parks in Ipswich, the two nearest are pay and display and are just a couple of minutes walk from the venue.

Coffee & tea will be served at the beginning of the workshop, and feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks along.

What to bring
You may find it useful to bring a pen and paper, but this is not essential.

Is this for me?
The sort of work we cover in the workshop means it is suitable for a wide range of people. Essentially anyone who will want to talk to an audience, large or small, for more than introductory seconds.

For more information email me at 

About Hattie

Hattie Voelcker is an expert in helping performers get the best from themselves.

After a highly successful 10 year career as a Barrister and years of producing authentic and engaging performances in court, she now works with performers who are talented and passionate about what they do, but struggle to produce their best when it counts.

Drawing on her experience as a Barrister, together with the time she has spent working with singers and performers, researching the relationship the performer has with themselves and with the audience, she helps performers feel comfortable with themselves on stage so they can engage their audience in a more authentic and effective way - and fall in love with performing again.

She also brings her knowledge and expertise to the business world where she helps people bring that professional confidence to their presentations and interactions, so they can capture and engage their audience's attention like a true performer.

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