Dealing with Mistakes in Performing – Video 1

When you make a mistake, what do you do? Often how we react when we are performing is also how we react in life, and do you know how that is for you?

Understanding how you react when you make a mistake can be the first step in the road to changing how you feel when you make mistakes and actually reducing the number of mistakes you make…..

This is the first in a series of videos I’m recording on how to reduce the number of mistakes you make in performing by changing your psychology around making mistakes.

Blog Transcript

“Hi I’m Hattie Voelcker from Find Your True Voice.

I work with singers and performers transforming them into truly fearless performers on stage or in front of the camera. Today, it’s a lovely sunny day I have re-pinkified my hair to add a bit more pink to my life and I want to talk to you about mistakes, in fact all this month I’m going to be focusing on mistakes not because I’ll be making lots, but I will be, but also because I think it’s at the core of our relationship with performing and it impacts us not only because we don’t want to make mistakes because we want our performance to be as good as possible but also it into it it impacts us psychologically, physically, emotionally and that actually impacts how we show up.”

“So how we think about mistakes impacts so much of what we do as performers and today I want to ask one thing of you and that is to take a look at how you respond when you make a mistake because I can categorise it basically in three ways, we have three basic responses, in my opinion, when we make a mistake the first one is to beat ourselves up “You idiot, you pull your socks up, get your arse in gear. What are you doing? Learn that better next time, right I’m going to really practice hard or I’m going to do this and I mustn’t do that and I stopped doing this” and to start being our own critical parent.”

“The second one is to look at going… is when we go “Yeah you you’re just not good enough to do this just give it up you should never be doing facebook lives Hattie, what are you doing? You you weren’t cut out for this, you don’t have the right qualities, you’re not the singer you thought you were, you’re not the singer your mum thinks you are, your singing teacher thinks you are, you’re just not as good as they think you are. It’s much better if you just give up right now.” I can’t tell you the number of times I have nearly given up on different things uh including doing facebook lives but especially as a singer, maybe I just don’t have it was was the message in my head and the third way is to blame somebody else for your mistake.”

“So it wasn’t me it was the conductor, it wasn’t me it was the camera, it wasn’t me it was my computer, it was the fact that nobody turned up, it was the audience they weren’t a really good audience. We lash out and blame other people for what’s going on.”

“So I would like you to take a look at what your response is to when you make a mistake. I probably use all three of those at one point or another but I have the one that is my go-to and when I realise that I’m responding in that way then that’s when we can start to take the next step and the next step is what I will be talking to you about next time so have a look out for that but in the meantime work out what is your response when you make a mistake. “

Have a lovely day.

Much love