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Registration is currently closed for The Fearless Performer. The Fearless Performer Plus is still available which includes one to one mentoring sessions. 

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✨ Free yourself from overthinking and self-criticism

✨ Let go of your fears and conquer your nerves

✨ Sing with real joy & connection

  • Are you someone who gets frustrated with how you perform?
  • You know you're capable of more, but somehow when you stand up to perform, your best doesn't come out?
  • Are you always procrastinating, leaving preparation to the last minute, or avoiding putting yourself out there altogether?

This course will show you a different and more effective way of approaching performing,
that will help you overcome all of these things.

"Thanks so much for helping me gain such insight to my way of thinking / behaviour / habits. What a fascinating and brilliantly put together programme of Modules. I have learned so much from you and feel very grateful. It has helped me in ways that I did not think possible."

- Rachel Young

By the end of the course you will:

✨ Be more confident and at ease in front of any audience

✨ Find that you connect with your audience in a more open & comfortable way

✨ Be able to focus on what you communicating, without getting tied up with worries and fears 

✨ Be taking up opportunities that you would previously have turned down

✨ Have got rid of that sense of frustration around performing

✨ Enjoy your performing more!

"I wanted to thank you. I’ve been singing with true joy today (instead of working!) and thought about finding my inner gold – and I thought I should also search my voice inside. And the result was incredible. I didn’t imagine that literally this could free my voice so quickly! I had this feeling of opening up and lightness.”

- Evelyne

"I was thrilled when I found out I would be working with Hattie on The Fearless Performer Course. I knew that it was the right time for me to face a lot of the fears I had around performing and facing up to my barriers - and this is exactly what happened. I started the course with an open mind, and each weekly module addressed a different area which gave me plenty to go away and think about. The course allowed me to think about previous fears in a different way, and how I would approach things in the future. The weekly homework helped me to change my thought patterns and connecting with others in the group and sharing of experiences helped with further understanding. Towards the end of the course I had a gig after months of not performing, and I felt so calm on the night whereas usually I would be a bag of nerves. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand and learn techniques in making themselves a better performer."

- Heather Brown

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