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The Fearless Performer with private 121 mentoring with Hattie to support you

✨ Free yourself from overthinking and self-criticism

✨ Let go of your fears and conquer your nerves

✨ Sing with real joy & connection

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I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand and learn techniques in making themselves a better performer

- Heather

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  • Are you someone who gets frustrated with how you perform?
  • You know you're capable of more, but somehow when you stand up to perform, your best doesn't come out?
  • Are you always procrastinating, leaving preparation to the last minute, or avoiding putting yourself out there altogether?

This course will show you a different and more effective way of approaching performing,
that will help you overcome all of these things.

There are three essential elements to producing a truly captivating performance.

Most performers know how important technique and a real understanding of your material are, the third one is very often overlooked. The psychology of performing, what we think and feel about ourselves, our audience and our performances is the final piece of the puzzle and this course gives you just that.

The Fearless Performer Programme is designed to  change the way you perform by changing the way you think about yourself and your performances. The course will give you the tools to develop a healthy mindset and become the most engaging & confident version of yourself in front of an audience.

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Thank you, Hattie, for making a difference to my life and introducing me to thoughts and concepts that make change possible!

- Sigrid

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By the end of the course you will:

✨ Be more confident and at ease in front of any audience

✨ Find that you connect with your audience in a more open & comfortable way

✨ Be able to focus on what you are communicating, without getting tied up with worries and fears 

✨ Be taking up opportunities that you would previously have turned down

✨ Have got rid of that sense of frustration around performing

✨ Enjoy your performing more!

"I wanted to thank you. I’ve been singing with true joy today (instead of working!) and thought about finding my inner gold – and I thought I should also search my voice inside. And the result was incredible. I didn’t imagine that literally this could free my voice so quickly! I had this feeling of opening up and lightness.”

- Evelyne

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I was thrilled when I found out I would be working with Hattie on The Fearless Performer Course. I knew that it was the right time for me to face a lot of the fears I had around performing and facing up to my barriers - and this is exactly what happened. I started the course with an open mind, and each weekly module addressed a different area which gave me plenty to go away and think about. The course allowed me to think about previous fears in a different way, and how I would approach things in the future. The weekly homework helped me to change my thought patterns and connecting with others in the group and sharing of experiences helped with further understanding. Towards the end of the course I had a gig after months of not performing, and I felt so calm on the night whereas usually I would be a bag of nerves. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand and learn techniques in making themselves a better performer.

- Heather Brown



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The Modules:

1. The Inner Performer 

How our conscious works with our bodies, how we develop healthier habits & improve what we do. When you understand this you'll understand what it takes to give the sort of performance you've always known you were capable of - but seemed out of your reach.

2. The Effortless Performer

The dynamic between our mind and body and how we can get more from both. What changing this dynaminc will do and how it will allow you to give better performances with a lot less effort.

3. The Confident Performer

How our language with ourselves influences how we perform, what we can do to change it, and why this means that lack of confidence about performing will be a thing of the past.

4. The Search for Perfection

The tyranny of the search for 'perfect', and how it gets in the way of us committing to a performance. Why and how to let go of it - and what that will give your audience.

5. The Courageous Performer

The cure to our self-criticism. Free your performances from that critical voice in your head and replace it with something much more effective.

6. Move Your Audience

How our audiences affect the way we perform, and how we can influence the way they respond to us. What we can do with this knowledge to deliver performances that leave your audiences remembering you for all the right reasons, for days or weeks to come.

7. How we learn

A straightforward introduction to neurobiology & how we develop our skills. Showing you how to continue to improve your performances and stretch both your comfort and your skills zone.

8. The Joyful Performer!

This module explores the relationship between joy and freedom, and what they do for our performances - and for our audiences. We will explore techniques that will enable you to achieve real freedom in your performances.

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The Fearless Performer Programme has helped me to identify and address the root of issues that were stifling my ability to perform as freely, effectively and joyfully as I felt I was able to. Thank you, Hattie, for shining a light on these and teaching me strategies for thinking and doing in a more helpful (and kind to myself) manner. 

- Hannelie Jonas

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The course consists of 8 online modules that take you step by step through the programme, giving you the tools to develop a healthy mindset and become the most engaging & confident version of yourself in front of an audience

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At the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the programme you will have an hour of 121 private mentoring with me where I will work with you in the way I work with my private singing clients.  We will look at what is going on for you personally with your singing, what you have learned from the modules and how you can apply this to your performing so you can transform the way you think and sing.

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I'll be on hand here to answer your queries and help you move forward. I post useful links and videos here and it's also a space where the members share their challenges......and their successes!

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From all the research that I have done over the years, I will give you most effective and clear resources to enhance your journey

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I was quite uncertain it would be for me. I felt afraid by the idea of opening up and thought that I was too ‘practical’ a person to be able to identify with the process, but these fears were entirely unwarranted. I truly believe that the process will continue to help me develop into the future.

- Melissa



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The Fearless Performer Plus is for you if.....

  • You constantly worry about how you will sound and what people with think of you
  • You Feel like you are putting all the effort in but not seeing the results
  • You are repeatedly making the same mistakes or coming up against the same problem in your performing
  • You find it hard to even put yourself out there for fear of failure
  • You want a bit of one to one working with me to help you really move forward.

……you are not alone! I have faced all these issues and more, as have my clients. What you will get from this course will help you transform not only how you perform, but also how you feel about performing. 

"Thanks so much for helping me gain such insight to my way of thinking / behaviour / habits. What a fascinating and brilliantly put together programme of Modules. I have learned so much from you and feel very grateful. It has helped me in ways that I did not think possible."
- Rachel Young


The cost of Fearless Performer Plus is: 

This includes:

✨  Lifetime access to the full programme

✨  Membership of the private facebook group where you will find a fabulous group of likeminded singers and performers

✨  3 private 121 mentoring sessions with Hattie

Book your place now for access to the course and we will be in touch to book the private 121 mentoring sessions.




for fulltime Music &/or Drama students**

**If you are a full-time performer facing financial challenges
please contact me to ask about bursary/scholarship places

*Student ID required

Still not sure?.......

If you have questions, or you want to be sure this is the right solution for you, book a chat with me.

On the call we’ll get to chat and see if the course is a good fit for you, or if perhaps there might be something better. If at the end, I feel my services are not a good fit for you then I’ll let you know. If I feel I can help, I’ll let you know how, and whether The Fearless Performer is the right choice for you.

The purpose of this valuable call is to help you get clarity not only about what you need, but also about what I offer and how I work. It's for me to understand more about what is going on for you. It is important that you choose the right person for you. Even if you choose not to work with me, you will leave the session with a better idea of what is going on for you as a performer, and what you can do about it.

“If you are undecided, don’t be – Hattie might just change your life.”
– Rebecca Olsen

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About Hattie

Hattie Voelcker is an expert in helping performers get the best from themselves.

After a highly successful 10 year career as a Barrister and years of producing authentic and engaging performances in court, she now works with performers who are talented and passionate about what they do, but struggle to produce their best when it counts.

Drawing on her experience as a Barrister, together with the time she has spent working with singers and performers, researching the relationship the performer has with themselves and with the audience, she helps performers feel comfortable with themselves on stage so they can engage their audience in a more authentic and effective way - and fall in love with performing again.

"Thank you so much for inviting me to come on this journey with you. As someone said: "Be aware when you sign up to Hattie's course, she may change your life!" "
- Caroline Shipton

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The 5 Day Free Your Voice Challenge is now closed to registrations

If you are interested in what I do, why not take a look at my online course.....

The Fearless Performer

The 5 Day Free Your Voice Challenge is now closed to registrations

If you are interested in what I do, why not take a look at my online course.....

The Fearless Performer

The 5 Day Free Your Voice Challenge is now closed to registrations

If you are interested in what I do, why not take a look at my online course.....

The Fearless Performer

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