What sort of Performer would you like to be?

What would give you the confidence to get there?

Are you ready to......

✨ Free yourself from overthinking and self-criticism

✨ Let go of your fears and conquer your nerves

✨ Perform with real joy & connection

If you have answered yes to any of these you are in the right place!

Rachel Young Photo Circle

I have learned so much from you and feel very grateful. It has helped me in ways that I did not think possible.

- Rachel Young

I am so happy with how it's going.... My nerves no longer take control and I believe it's ok to be up there sharing music with the audience.

- Joanne Whalley

Joanne Whalley

Imagine what it would feel like step out on stage:

 Fully prepared

 Feeling ready and excited

 Knowing you are going to produce your best

This is exactly what this course is going to help you achieve, easily and effectively

The 3 Essential Elements of a Great Performance

There are three essential elements to producing a truly captivating performance:

1. Good technique

2. A real knowledge and understanding of your material

Most performers know about numbers 1 & 2, number 3 is very often overlooked....

3. The psychology of performing

What we think and feel about ourselves, our audience and our performances is the final piece of the puzzle. Mastering this means you that you can capitalise on all your hard work on numbers 1 & 2. It means you can perform with confidence and really connect with your audience.


The Fearless Performer Programme is designed to  change the way you think about your performances.

The course will give you the tools to develop a healthy mindset and become the most engaging & confident version of yourself in front of an audience.

What people say about the course.....

I just wanted to share with you that I won the competition! I suddenly realised as I was up there, that I wasn't overwhelmed by thoughts of "I've got that right; I've got that wrong". Instead, I was performing from the heart and in the moment: I've learned how to do that now. For me, this is proof that what you teach works!!!

- Joanne Whalley

Karen Pfeiffer Cropped Image

I have my nerves, especially at the beginning of a concert, much better under control because I have tools to re-channel nervousness into something positive.

- Karen Pfeiffer

Thanks so much for helping me gain such insight to my way of thinking / behaviour / habits. What a fascinating and brilliantly put together programme of modules.

- Rachel Young

The Fearless Performer Programme has helped me to identify and address the root of issues that were stifling my ability to perform as freely, effectively and joyfully as I felt I was able to.

- Hannelie Jonas

Dear Hattie, I have said it before, but I'll say it again: I'm really glad I joined your course...It has given me so much hope and the confidence that real change is possible, even to feelings and attitudes.

- Sigrid Moisewitsch

The Fearless Performer programme has had an enormous effect on me, not only with regards to my singing (from starting to practice again to my enjoyment, attitude and outlook), but also in my every day life and relationships across the board.

With the help of the programme I've gone from being a compulsive perfectionist with crippling anxiety and a strong desire to never sing again (even on my own let alone performing!), to gearing up for the audition season in Germany (the home of opera in Europe), applying to some of the biggest houses and hoping to build a full-time singing career - something I thought impossible 2 years ago!

Hattie is so kind, supportive and generous and she and the Fearless Performer and Courageous Club groups made me realise I'm certainly not alone in my fears and thoughts - regardless of age, experience, goals etc! The group is such a safe, encouraging space and Hattie's marvellous coaching, the friendships I've made during the course, and the effect it has had on my life in so many aspects are honestly beyond what I thought would be possible from any online course!

Hattie has changed my perspective in many ways and given me the tools to build my self-confidence, attitudes and beliefs in a ground-breaking way. I'll be forever grateful!

- Olivia Brett

I was a professional singer for 30 years but hadn’t been on stage for 9 years. My confidence was at a new low and my voice kept glitching from tension, causing more tension and anxiety. I did Hattie’s 5 day challenge after seeing an advert on FB which started a healing process in my brain. It was such a revelation that I went on to do the Fearless Performer Programme.

For starters, Hattie is an amazing coach who really knows her stuff. Her programme takes you on a journey of self-discovery which, for me, started a series of lightbulb moments concluding with my confidence getting better daily. I’m no longer holding myself back with fear.
Hattie is perceptive with a rare kindness which makes you feel at ease from the off. She has been a massive help to me.

- Liz Walsh

What the course will give you...

In just 8 weeks, together we transform you so you will:

✨ No longer be turning down opportunities

✨ Have overcome your frustration and fears

✨ Feel confident and at ease and connect with any audience

✨ Enjoy your performing more!

This course is more than changing your motivation, it's about real, sustained changes based in the psychology of performing that has helped both and so many other performers transform their performances.


1. The Inner Performer 

How your conscious works with your body. Develop healthier habits and improve what you do. So you can give the sort of performance you've always known you were capable of.

2. The Effortless Performer

The dynamic between your mind and body and how you can get more from both. Changing this dynamic will allow you to give better performances with a lot less effort.

3. The Confident Performer

How the way you speak to yourself influences how you perform. How to change it so that you will feel truly confident when you go out and perform.

4. The Search for Perfection

The tyranny of the search for 'perfect', and how it gets in the way of you really committing to a performance. How letting go of it will massively improve your performances for both you and your audience.

5. The Courageous Performer

Cure your self-criticism. Free your performances from that critical voice in your head and replace it with something much more effective, and a completely new way of viewing yourself.

6. Move Your Audience

Understand the relationship with your audience, and how you choose how you impact them. How you can use this to deliver performances that leave your audiences truly impressed, for days and weeks to come.

7. How we learn

A simple, straightforward introduction to neurobiology & how to develop your skills. How you can continue to improve your performances and stretch both your comfort and your skills zone.

8. The Joyful Performer!

The relationship between joy and freedom in your voice. How they impact your performances - for you and your audience. Techniques that enable you to achieve real freedom in your performances, tying the whole programme together.

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Free yourself from overthinking and self-criticism

Blue Tick 1

Let go of your fears and conquer your nerves

Blue Tick 1

Perform with real joy & connection

The Fearless Performer is only......


Hattie has a way of seeing to the heart of an issue which I would call incisive except this word doesn't convey adequately the warmth and compassion with which she serves this up. It took me a while from the "collecting information and gaining insight" phase to the actual scary process of implementing change and of course this hasn't been strictly linear. But change has happened in a way in which I have really surprised myself.

- Lindsay


If you join today you will get....

The full course of 8 online modules that take you step by step through the programme, giving you the tools to develop a healthy mindset and become the most engaging & confident version of yourself in front of an audience

Blue Tick 1

The Fearless Performer Programme


The Fearless Performer programme completely changes the way you think about performing. It is a self-study course but in order to make the most of the transformation you can achieve with the course you will also get a 20 minute one to one coaching call to look at what is going on for you personally with your performing, where to focus in the modules and how you can most effectively implement this into your performing. ...

Blue Tick 1

That's a 20 minute coaching session with me, Hattie


Lifetime access to a private group space (solely for people who are doing or have done this programme) where I will support you through the programme and beyond. Where you can ask me any questions you like about the process and the course...

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Lifetime Access to the Fearless Space for help and support



I know that this course helps singers and performers perform with real freedom and joy, but I also know that making decisions like this can be difficult.

So to make it easier, my guarantee is that if, having completed the course, you don't feel that you have had value then I will give you a full refund. All that I ask of you is that you engage fully with the course and complete all the modules.

I was quite uncertain it would be for me. I felt afraid by the idea of opening up and thought that I was too ‘practical’ a person to be able to identify with the process, but these fears were entirely unwarranted. I truly believe that the process will continue to help me develop into the future.

- Melissa


The Fearless Performer is normally £595 but for a limited time you can have it for just:



✨  Lifetime access to the full  programme to transform you into confident, capable performer who can captivate any audience [£595 value]


✨ A 20 minute one to one coaching session with Hattie [£100 value]


✨ Lifetime access to the Fearless Space for support throughout the programme and beyond

Thank you, Hattie, for making a difference to my life and introducing me to thoughts and concepts that make change possible!

- Sigrid

Frequently asked questions.....

Question 1 - How much time does the course take?

The course is an 8 week course and you get one module a week.

Each module has 2-3 videos, and each video is just 20 minutes long. There are also audio files of each video so you can listen whilst walking the dog!

Overall I would set aside an hour and and hour and a half to work through each module properly.

This course is personal to you, and you can do it at your own pace. You have access to all of the training and content forever.

What I promise is that you will start to notice a change in the way you feel and think from Module 1.

Question 2 - How can I tell if it is the right time for me to do this course?

I totally understand this question, I'd ask it to. Only you will know if it feels the right time for you. How important is making this change to your performing to YOU. What difference would it make to your life.

It’s worth knowing The Fearless Performer Programme helps with more than just your performing too.

Once you know what is getting in the way of you feeling truly confident as a performer, you will understand how to be more confident in other areas of your life. In your relationships, in work and socially.

With all these positive changes possible, where would it be on your priority list now? Do YOU feel this is an important change to make now?

Question 3 - Is this more important than working on my vocal technique?

Good vocal technique is vital, and I have singing lessons myself because of this. However, it’s not the cure all for two reasons:

  1. More often than not, what’s going on in your head will be a big cause of what is wrong with your technique. Solving what is going on in your head will allow you to get much more value from your lessons. I spend far less now on lessons than I used to, and make much more progress.
  2. If it’s your thoughts that are causing the issue, no matter how hard you work on your technique, those old habits will creep back in, especially when you least want them to.

Investing in changing the way you think not only helps with more than your performing, it helps you in a way that is long lasting, and if you do fall back into the hole of bad habits, you will know how to climb out again really quickly. That’s why an investment here is so valuable.

Question 4 -  I’m not experienced as a performer, can I still benefit from the course?

You can be an absolute beginner to benefit from this process because this is about building your confidence. Once your confidence is healthy and robust just think how much more practice you will put in, and how many more opportunities you will take up.

Question 5 - I'm an experienced, trained professional, will this course help me?

I love being able to help professionals who have hit a hurdle they are struggling to get over. Helping you solve these issues so you can get back to enjoying your singing and sing at your best again. Getting you to the point where you feel like you are flying and you know you can go out and have the career you want again.

This process is simple and effective. Whatever stage you are at, you will find that it transforms your self-belief and quickly reduces your nerves and fears.

In short, you’ll invest an hour or two a week, start seeing changes from week one, and have access to the material forever so you can take it at your own pace and come back to it whenever you want a refresher.

The Fearless Performer is for you if.....

  • You constantly worry about how you will sound and what people will think of you
  • You feel like you are putting all the effort in but not seeing the results
  • You are repeatedly making the same mistakes or coming up against the same problem in your performing
  • You find it hard to even put yourself out there for fear of failure
  • You want a bit of one to one working with me to help you really move forward.

……you are not alone! I have faced all these issues and more, as have my clients.

This course will show you how to transform not only how you perform, but also how you feel about performing. 

Successful, happy performers are people who have learned to let go of their fears and connect with their audience on a whole new level.


Hattie with pink hair
About me....

As a child, as with so many singers, I had the sort of voice that would silence an audience, I was a small, unassuming girl with a large, powerful voice. It was the one thing I knew I could do well….that was until I couldn’t.

In my late teens I found I could not longer produce the same, effortless beautiful voice. Frustrated and disillusioned, I gave up singing for nearly 20 years and turned to my academic studies, gaining a First in Philosophy and then becoming a barrister.

When I returned to singing in my mid-thirties I had a fabulous singing teacher and with her help I began to see glimpses of the voice I had had again, but no matter how hard I worked I kept struggling with my vocal technique and confidence. Eventually I realised it wasn’t my voice that was letting me down, it was my thoughts. When I changed my thoughts, everything else changed too. My vocal technique improved, and I found it so much easier to keep improving it too.

Now I love to transform the lives of singers and performers who are talented and passionate about what they do, but struggle, like I did, to let go and access their true voice, and I'd love to work with you.

Thank you so much for inviting me to come on this journey with you.  As someone said: "Be aware when you sign up to Hattie's course, she may change your life!"

- Caroline Shipton

Where could your journey take you?

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