Mirror Neurons

For me, some of the most interesting things I have discovered in my work with performers are around the neurobiology and what, physically, can go on for us and our audience during performance. How our state of mind can directly impact our audience. So I thought we could start there, with something called Mirror Neurons.

Mirror Neurons were first discovered in the early 1990s and are the basis for those empathic feelings we have when watching someone else doing or reacting. Essentially what the neuroscientists discovered was that exactly the same parts of our brain fire when we do or react as when we watch someone do or react.

For a good short précis on Mirror Neurons take a look at this video:

[for those who want the whole video, which covers other areas, here it is in full: The Empathic Civilisation]

Why am I bringing up Mirror Neurons in this group?

Well we all know that we often as not have a physical or emotional reaction to a performance – and this can be good or bad! What we want to do is inspire the right type of reaction in our audience for the music we are performing. Mirror Neurons are a part of a subconscious brain function, so how do we do this and what can hinder us from doing this? This excellent demonstration of how they work will show how authenticity of intent is so important:

The question I would ask is, if we worry about our technique and our accuracy when we perform, how does this affect our audience? On the other had, if we can be authentic in our intentions and our thoughts, what impact will this have on our audience?

On Monday 25th August 2017 at 7:30pm I’m going to be running a short online workshop on Mirror Neurons and how they impact our relationship with the audience. If you’d like to join the workshop just sign up to the event in the Facebook group or email me at hattie@findyourtruevoice.co.uk.


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