Take your confidence on stage to the next level

Set yourself free from the fears and doubts that hold your performances back

You have prepared your whole life to show the world how great a performer you can be. But you just can't because......

There is voice inside you that constantly tells you, you are not enough, you will mess up, you will forget the words

You watch other performers, singers, actors, public speakers have the confidence you lack, and long to feel like them.

No matter how much effort you put in, how many classes you take, that insecurity never goes away.

You fear you are never going to reach your potential as a performer.

You will never achieve the level of performance you desire until you master your mindset when performing

Have you struggled with the same issue with performing for years?

Frustrated and about to give up because you never seem to be able to solve it?

Here's where you can change everything ......

 Finally slay your sabotaging inner demons

  Really enjoy your performing and become magnetic on stage

  Perform freely every time and achieve the performance you want

 Step out in front of your audience with confidence, ready to show your true ability

I can teach you how to achieve all this and truly transform the way you perform

Here's how to it works....

Level 1

Free Your Voice Course

Learn the process that has enabled singers, actors and public speakers to immediately access more confidence and calm.

This incredibly effective course is an introduction to my processes and teaches you:

✨ The most effective way to think about your material so you can remember and communicate it

✨ How to view your audience in a completely different way, so that you not only don't fear them, you can truly impress them

✨ The secret to nailing your mindset so that you feel confident and secure every time

 And so much more!

At the end of the course, you’ll have a process that helps you nail any performance with confidence – one of the key strategies I teach my one to one clients!

Just £25 for all 5 modules

Level 2

The Fearless Performer Programme

This self-study course has transformed the lives of over 100  performers; singers, actors, speakers and so many more. 

Learn the tools and transform your confidence the way they have. So you:

✨ No longer turn down opportunities that could make your career

✨ Overcome your frustration & fears and get out there

✨ Feel confident and at ease, and connect with any audience

✨ Enjoy your performing more!

(instalments available)

Click the button to get the course, or to book a quick chat with me to find out if this is the route for you... 

Level 3

Work One to One with Hattie

I work intensively with a few select individuals in a 6 month one to one programme making long lasting changes to their performing and their confidence.

Going beyond The Fearless Performer Programme this is my most intensive programme. Together we will....

✨ Dig deep into your thought patterns,

✨ Discover out how they are getting in the way of your success,

✨ Build and implement personalised strategy that will change those patterns and take you to the next level in your performing

Over the 6 months, you'll not only transform how you perform, but learn the tools to carry on that transformation so you can achieve higher and higher levels of performing.

This is for performers who are ready to invest their time and money at a higher level to get themselves to where they want to be.

If you are interested, then let's have a chat to see if you are a good fit for the programme.


What people say about working with me.....

I've been coaching performers for years on how to master their inner psychology to upgrade their psychology to upgrade their confidence, let go of fears and find their true voice. Here's what they have to say.....

Hattie has changed my perspective in many ways and given me the tools to build my self-confidence, attitudes and beliefs in a ground-breaking way. I'll be forever grateful!

- Olivia Brett

Hattie is an amazing coach who really knows her stuff.....She has been a massive help to me.

- Liz Walsh

What you teach works!!!

- Joanne Whalley

Hattie has a way of seeing to the heart of an issue which I would call incisive except this word doesn't convey adequately the warmth and compassion with which she serves this up.... But change has happened in a way in which I have really surprised myself.

- Lindsay

Thank you, Hattie, for making a difference to my life and introducing me to thoughts and concepts that make change possible!

- Sigrid

Hattie with pink hair
About me....

As a child, as with so many singers, I had the sort of voice that would silence an audience, I was a small, unassuming girl with a large, powerful voice. It was the one thing I knew I could do well….that was until I couldn’t.

In my late teens I found I could not longer produce the same, effortless beautiful voice. Frustrated and disillusioned, I gave up singing for nearly 20 years and turned to my academic studies, gaining a First in Philosophy and then becoming a barrister.

When I returned to singing in my mid-thirties I had a fabulous singing teacher and with her help I began to see glimpses of the voice I had had again, but no matter how hard I worked I kept struggling with my vocal technique and confidence. Eventually I realised it wasn’t my voice that was letting me down, it was my thoughts. When I changed my thoughts, everything else changed too. My vocal technique improved, and I found it so much easier to keep improving it too.

I realised that the true key to a brilliant performance, time and time again, lies in mastering the art of your inner psychology.

Now I love to transform the lives of singers and performers who are talented and passionate about what they do, but struggle, like I did, to let go and access their true voice, and I'd love to work with you.

Are you ready to become the best performer you can be?

If you are not yet sure which route is the best, or if this is right for you, let's have a chat...

Venetian Mask

If you haven't already, get to know how I work by downloading my free 5 minute exercise. Let me tall you exactly what what to think about to get you in the best headspace in the 5 minutes before you face your audience.....

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