You know that there's an amazing performer in you, just waiting to get out, but you can't seem to access him or her

You are repeatedly not producing your best when it counts - in fact the harder you work, the worse it seems to get

You want to unlock you true talent and ability, and sing with the voice you know you have

You want to engage and impress your audiences on a completely new level

You have spent so much time and money on singing lessons, training and courses but it always feels like one step forwards and two steps back

Sometimes you ask yourself....

Is it worth all the effort you put in, and keep putting in?
Will you ever get there?

If any of these sound like you, you are not alone and you are in definitely the right place.

This is exactly how I used to feel, and there are so many other singers who feel this way.

When you perform you are putting yourself out there to be judged, and you know it. This can have a huge impact on how you perform, especially when that audience matters the most.

There is a huge power that comes from knowing who you are, what you can offer an audience, and how to give that to them without fear of failure. True inner self-confidence and belief can transform not only the way you perform, but also the way you feel about performing.


I would recommend working with Hattie because it is so much more than just enhancing your performance abilities, it enhances your life abilities.

Everyone can benefit from The Courageous Performer Programme, not just people who want to improve their performance skills - each week I learnt something new about myself and that is worth its weight in gold.

Rebecca Leggett

Private Mentoring with Hattie

I work with a limited number of  students in this one to one programme which is designed to teach you how to perform at your best, every time. You will work closely with me to achieve goals specific to you, it's not a one size fits all course, but a unique process tailored to you so you can accomplish all you want from your performing, and to give you a sustained and lasting change.

By the end of the programme you will not only have the tools to produce the types of performances you crave, but to be able to do it again and again.


It’s completely free of charge. I'll ask you questions to help you identify what might be getting in the way of you giving your very best performance. I will find out all I need to offer you the right solution for your circumstances, but also give you my best recommendations for moving forward from where you are right now, whether you choose to work with me or not.

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I went to Hattie because I felt blocked from performing by negative thinking and fear of failure. Her support was invaluable on taking me on a journey that has helped me greatly in my singing. The reading that Hattie recommended was focused and tailored to my needs - I found it easy, enjoyable and rewarding. My discussions with Hattie moved me on each time - as well as being full of insight and great fun. As a result of my sessions with Hattie, I am able to perform with much more confidence and enjoyment!

Sara Williams


I only work with up to 6 one-to-one clients at any one time, so I can give you the level of support you need. That is why, to make sure this is the right solution for you, I invite you to a 45 minute no obligation Backstage Review.

On the call we’ll get to chat and see if we’re a good fit. If at the end, I feel my services are not a good fit for you then I’ll let you know. If I feel I can help, I’ll let you know how.

The purpose of this valuable call is to help you get clarity not only about what you need, but also about what I offer and how I work. It's for me to understand more about what is going on for you. It is important that you choose the right person for you. Even if you choose not to work with me, you will leave the session with a better idea of what is going on for you as a performer, and what you can do about it.

If anybody is thinking about doing Private Mentoring with Hattie, I’d strongly recommend they do it. The experience was so much more than I was expecting. I have been able to just think and feel as the character and thus have a much better, more enjoyable, authentic performance.

I was quite uncertain it would be for me. I felt afraid by the idea of opening up and thought that I was too ‘practical’ a person to be able to identify with the process, but these fears were entirely unwarranted. I truly believe that the process will continue to help me develop into the future.


I wanted to thank you. I've been singing with true joy today (instead of working!) and thought about finding my inner gold - and I thought I should also search my voice inside. And the result was incredible. I didn't imagine that literally this could free my voice so quickly! I had this feeling of opening up and lightness.