Being in Control When You Perform

The aim of so many people when they come to work with me is to feel more in control when they perform. They just want to feel safer and less vulnerable. I get it, that’s how I used to be. I felt that if I could be in control I would do a good enough job, or even a great one, and would feel confident when I put myself out there.

The trouble is THIS IS NOT THE WAY IT WORKS. Let me tell you the reason, and a better way to improve your performing that not only works, it helps you feel so much more confident too.

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Perspective Shifts & Your Audience

So many people think that how they feel about an audience will never change, that they just have to control their reaction.


You can feel comfortable and confident in front of any audience, it just takes shifting your perspective. Don’t get me wrong, to get to a stage where you becomes your go to place to be when performing can take some work changing beliefs that you hold, and assumptions you are making, but even some simple and easy to implement perspective shifts can make a massive difference….

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What does your Audience want?

Performers can assume they know what an audience want, they want you to do a good job don’t they? The truth is people rarely stop to think about a performance from the audience’s perspective, they think what they want to show the audience, but not what the audience actually want.

In this video I explore what the audience actually wants.

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What to think about on stage….

I’ve been doing a lot of Mini-Backstage reviews, which is a thing I do (and if you’re interested, I’ll put a link at the bottom of this video, this blog) but in the process of doing those it’s got me thinking about what is the most effective thing to think about when you get on stage to help with your nerves.

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