Anxiety and Singing

My last blog was on Dealing with Anxiety, following that I did a series of live videos on Facebook for my group The Fearless Performer expanding on that topic.

I thought I would upload the videos here for you all to see. I cover each of the three tips covered in the blog, looking in detail at anxiety and singing, and how we can deal with it effectively.

The more you explore the concept of connecting with these three vital elements of performing, the more you will get from your performing, and the more you audience will get too. They are the fundamentals.

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Dealing with Anxiety

The other day I saw an article on essential tips for public speaking by someone whose posts I usually like and think very valuable. They listed about 15 different things to think about before performing, some of which I think are great – like enjoy what you are doing – others I question, but that’s not really my issue.

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Confidence vs Arrogance as a Performer

One of the things that comes up again and again for the singers I work with is the balance between confidence and arrogance. How can you be self-confident without veering into arrogance?

The answer for me is simple, once you understand that arrogance is a form of armour against vulnerability.

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