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One of my favourite ways of helping people is through workshops, where people not only learn from me but from each other’s experiences and thoughts. I run a number workshops and courses for people to expand their skills, develop confidence in how they present themselves and achieve greater success with their audiences. I also design and run bespoke workshops and courses for groups & companies. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

2019 Workshops

The Complete Video Toolkit

A two day workshop on creating professional quality videos that can take your business to the next level.

Video is becoming increasingly important in this social media centric world but for most of us a professional videographer to create top quality videos is beyond our reach, especially if we want to put out fresh content on a regular basis. Because of this when I met the Paul McGhie (award-winning videographer) and Cate Caruth (a highly acclaimed “Content Alchemist”) at two separate Networking Groups, I hatched a plan!

I got them together and out of this came….

The Complete Video Toolkit.
A two day workshop teaching you how to:
💫 Plan, film and edit your own videos
💫 Understand your audience and get your message across
💫 Learn how to connect with and engage your audience comfortably in front of a camera

Not only this, but you’ll walk away with your first video. More importantly you’ll also have the confidence, technical skills and knowledge which give you great video results every time, for yourself.

This workshop is for you if:
💫 You struggle with the technical know-how of making your own videos.
💫 Knowing what to say and how to say it is stopping you.
💫 You lack the confidence to stand in front of the camera and like the results.

We are sorting out the finishing touches to the workshop now, but if you are interested you can register and we will send you more details, and info on the early bird discount, when it is available.

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Create a Compelling Presentation

A half day workshop on creating presentations that really work

Not all performances are theatrical or musical, and being effective when giving business presentations is becoming increasingly important, especially in this age of social media and facebook lives. It is a powerful thing to be able to get your message across with ease and comfort, and to help your audience know, like, and trust you.

There are hundreds of tips and tricks out there for how to deal with nerves, or get people listening when public speaking, but the real key is knowing what to focus on and what will engage your audiences attention. Understanding what is is you want to achieve and how to achieve it.

This workshop will teach you just that, how to create a really compelling presentation. Combining my experience as a barrister with the work I do with performers I show you the real art of presentation.

Whether you are an introvert who finds the whole thing daunting, an extrovert who wants to stop self-sabotaging, or somewhere in between, this workshop is designed to make the whole process calmer and more rewarding for both you and your audience.

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